Grow with the plateau

I’ve been recently inspired by one of my former professors, Dr.Tom Fisher. He’s inspired me in many different ways-mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  He always had a way of promoting  self-improvement, confidence and determination to students. Throughout the semester, he provided several reading suggestions including, The Way of The Champion by sports psychologist, Jerry Lynch. The book talks directly to athletes but is applicable to any person out there on a journey of self growth. As of a few days ago, I finished the book and felt compelled to share some of the knowledge along. plateau

One of the excerpts of the novel discusses a plateau phase that many of us encounter on our journeys to success, the big game, or whatever we may be trying to master in our lives. You find yourself growing and growing at an impressive rate and all of a sudden you find yourself at a point of stagnation. Lynch describes how many people find themselves lost, frustrated and with a lack of motivation when they get to this point.

He describes the champion athlete as one who takes this time for personal betterment, refining the little things and personal growth.

The reason people find themselves “stuck” or with lack of motivation is the amount of time you may find yourself in the plateau phase. It could be days, weeks, months, even years! It’s up to you to take advantage of this time and become a little bit better each and every one of those days.


After reading this section, I coined a fun little mnemonic device to help keep me motivated in these seemingly stagnant points, “Grow with the plateau”. With that, I encourage you to not give up even when it feels like you’re not going anywhere. Sometimes I feel like this with my yoga practice and then I remind myself to be “yogic” and work with where I am in that moment to better myself.

There is always room for improvement, you just need to realize that. If you’re a runner for example, maybe you can take a step back and refine your stride, use your arms less or hold less tension in your jaw. Even if running isn’t your thing (it surely isn’t mine!) see what you can do to refine your artwork, yoga practice, martial art, grammar or whatever floats your personal happiness boat. It sounds cliche but sometimes taking time for the little things can make the overall big picture so much better in the end.


If you desire to make your way to the top then prove it during the plateau! Work a little harder, notice the small things and make them better and strengthen your weaknesses as you develop your strengths. Otherwise, you can get caught up in your comfort zone and settle for where you are. 

You, like any other person out there has the ability to take life by the horns and reach your full potential.  DON’T BE COMPLACENT, KEEP GROWING…even with the plateau. 

2 thoughts on “Grow with the plateau”

  1. Great inspirational message. Thank you for sharing.
    I’m feeling “stuck” and I’m interpreting this feeling as a departure point to create. I’m accepting being here, at this point, and happy to know that it brings me awareness to move forward.


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