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Visiting Orlando? Check out Maya Papaya Organic Farm

If you’re from Orlando and you think of Alafaya Trail, what comes to mind? Traffic, noise, honking, maybe. What if I told you there was an organic farm tucked away,  only two miles down the road from The University of Central Florida? This farm is the opposite of the hectic Orlando life, it’s calm, serene and even has a yoga studio and thrift shop on its premises!

If you’re traveling to Orlando on the other hand, this is a true gem in the middle of this sprawling city. A piece of nature often overshadowed by local state parks and trails, this farm should make it on your list of places to go while your visiting the city beautiful.

I encourage you to get out there and discover Maya Papapya’s Organic Farm. I’ll give you a small sneak peak of my experience in this photo blog, ENJOY and support your local farmer! For more info on Maya Papaya’s Organic Farm Click this lin

*WARNING:If you walk around barefoot like I do, be cautious of the prickly plant friends and ants you may encounter along the way! Maya made sure to warn me before I went on my trek. 🙂 *




Welcome to Maya Papaya’s Organic Farm located in Ovideo, Florida. To the left is the “farm house” and to the right is the thrift shop on location. There was something so serene being surrounded by such beautiful trees.


Row after row of delicious organic produce line the farm. Some of the produce included tomatoes, kale, Swiss chard and arugula. Yum!


There were even rows of beautiful sunflowers. Maya said that the season had already passed but the sight must be incredible when they are in full bloom. If you look closely you can see a chicken coop and a few cluckers in the sunflower fields. 🙂


My favorite part of the farm were the two alpacas and the lovely goat, Lola. Lola was very happy to have her picture taken but wasn’t so thrilled when I tried to pet her! Lola is a rescue goat from University of Central Florida students who could no longer take care of her after going off to graduate school.



I was thrilled to see these beautiful pollinators all over the field and the flowers. Words can’t do justice how gorgeous it is to see rows of flowers covered in bumblebees.




The lovely thrift shop on the farm featured vintage clothes, shoes,hats,  pictures, bags etc.


Beautiful message posted in front of the thrift store.


A wide selection of vintage goods and handmade soaps, moisturizers and toothpaste are also available for purchase and are made on sight at the farm!



Come check this place out if you need to get away from it all and find some peace and quiet. You won’t regret how coming after you see how unique and special this place really is.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment or reach out! P.S. a yoga video is on its way to the blog, stay tuned.

Namaste, Kay.

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