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A Yogi goes to GREECE

It was settled. I was headed to Nicaragua for a week to teach yoga, swing in a hammock, surf, play and be caught up in the magic ooeey-ness of wanderlust as I explored a new country.

Life had other plans for me.

Instead, I️ was caught up in a whirlwind of confusion. I️ was your quoted the wrong price for the retreat and after telling all of my willing students about the HUGE price change no one could afford to go. I️ sat devastated and in doubt of my yogi travel plan for a full 24 hours.

The next morning, I woke up to an email inviting me to teach yoga in GREECE. My doubt simmered away as I️ sat in disbelief. Maybe Nicaragua didn’t happen so that I️ could make Greece happen.

A couple months prior I️ interviewed with a travel company called, Crew Travelers that was looking for yoga instructors to teach in Greece. The owner of the company, Tara Menendez and I️ hit it off really well. We both had a love for travel, adventure, both had dogs and used the yoga practice to help us heal from miscarriage. ❤️

Something about this conversation felt right and I️ knew deep down we were supposed to meet even if only through a Skype call! The stars aligned and Tara chose 8 yoga instructors , including myself, to take on a yoga/travel retreat to Lesvos,Greece.

Now if you’re looking to join me, I’ll give you the low down on the itinerary, pricing and everything else in between. Yoga is a part of the trip but you are not obligated to do yoga if you choose not to. The trip has a full itinerary so even if you skip the yoga, you’ll still stay in the islands nicest resorts, eat local cuisine, explore the island and culture and of course go on adventures.

Trip dates are May 5-10th and you will fly into Mytilene airport in Lesvos.

Price- $1699 or $1599 each for you and a friend 😀

What’s included

  • 5 night, 6 day stay at Aphrodite hotel, the #1 rated hotel in Molyvos.
  • All meals, 2 adult drinks per one meal/day & tips.
  • Travel insurance & transportation costs
  • Visit to Pertha Beach, Molivos traditional market, Church of Panagia Glykofilousa
  • Island boat tour with snorkeling, BBQ & drinks
  • Excursion to Healing Springs of Eftalou
  • Volunteering with Dirty Girls
  • Greek language lessons
  • Daily yoga practice

What’s NOT included

  • Airfare
  • Money for souvenirs
  • Donations to local refugees (optional)

Before you count yourself out because of price, please note that there are two payment plan options available and a discount of $100 if you travel with a friend.

Part of the trip includes a volunteer portion you may participate in that helps the refugee crisis in lesvos that has decreased the tourism industry in the area. For more information visit,

If you want more information on the trip please visit or reach out to me on my contact page or via social media.

For now, save up, stay sweet and I’ll be seeing you in Greece 🇬🇷.

Namaste, Kay. ❤️

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