Travel Tinctures for Yogi Travels

I’ll just flat out say that I’m a sensitive person.

I’m allergic to citric acid,  I don’t tolerate yeast or sugar well, I break out into a sun rash if its too hot and eczema if its too cold, synthetic fragrances in beauty or cleaning products make me ill and when my pet allergies are bad I have to practically snort a bottle of peppermint essential oil. (Well not snort but you get the idea!) With all of that said, for someone who travels as much as I do, it can make life pretty uncomfortable at times.

Luckily, if you’re as sensitive as I am I have come up with travel tinctures that can help alleviate some of your pain. I’ll share a tincture for nausea during airline/train/car trips, a tincture for dry, itching skin in the cold (great if you have eczema), muscle aches and pains from adventure travel or being stuck on a plane for 12 hours, a surprisingly simple cure for UTI’s and other bladder infections, and a tincture for cold and fever.

This blog is not exhaustive of all of the tinctures I’ve come up with so if there’s something you would like to see please sent me a note via social media or by visiting my Contact page.  All of these tinctures are available for purchase through my Shop page.

Nausea be gone

Plane rides, train rides, boat rides and even long car rides bring with them nausea. I love to read when I know I’m going to be on a lengthy journey. Unfortunately, this almost always makes me feel queasy. If you’re prone to motion sickness, then I’ve got just the blend for you!

Ginger and lavender oil will do the trick for you in this situation. It may even help to rub this concoction on your belly if you’re stomach is also feeling upset. For thousands of years, ginger has been used to aid with digestive upset, vomiting and nausea. It’s a great blend to have with you if you enjoy adventure travel. Ginger tea is also a great alternative.

Dry skin isn’t in

My skin is particularly sensitive to change in temperature. If I go somewhere tropical, like Puerto Rico and I spend too much time in the sun, my skin breaks out in sun blisters. If I go somewhere cold, like my trip to New York or Scotland, my skin breaks out in ecxema. For someone so full of wanderlust, my skin isn’t such a big fan of travel!

There are a plethora of different options when it comes to natural skin remedies but I’ll give you my very own recipe if so you don’t get overwhelmed. I use the moisturizing magic of coconut oil, lavender oil and tea tree for my special blend. If you’re allergic to coconut oil, olive oil or argon oil also work as alternative carrier oils. If you order through me, I would be more than happy to customize that for you. 🙂

Pain, pain go away

When I went to Bali, the total time in the air took about 21 hours not including layovers in California and China. If anything stuck out to me the most, it was how much my body yearned to move after being tight for so much time. My body ached. Yoga helped at the layover destinations but I still yearned for more relief. Luckily for you, I’ve come up with a tincture that helps alleviate muscle soreness after long periods of travel.

This concoction combines lavender oil, peppermint oil, and a touch of rosemary oil. Lavender, known for its stress relieving qualities has many healing properties in conjunction with muscular aches and can also help you fall asleep on a long plane ride. Peppermint is known to relive low back pain, and help with muscular spasms while rosemary is great for headache and joint pain. This makes for a magical healing experience.


No tincture here! This one’s an easy fix for UTI’s or other bladder infections while traveling. While in Bali, I got a UTI and it was especially uncomfortable as I was away from home. To make matters worse, my plans for the next day consisted of a 6 hour hike up a volcano to see the sunrise.

I did what any travel yogi would do in this type of emergency. I drank a gallon of cranberry juice and my UTI was gone the next morning. If you decide to do this, make sure you are buying 100% cranberry juice and not a cranberry juice cocktail with added sugars that can make the situation worse! A property of cranberries is that they do not allow certain bacteria to stick to your digestive walls or kidneys and they will instead be filtered out when you use the restroom. You are so welcome if you encounter this on your yoga travels! 😉

Fever and Cold

While in Bali, I got food poisoning followed by a fever when my body was trying to fight off the virus. Needless to say, that fever made the experience that much more intense. If only I had brought a tincture that would help me in this unexpected situation. Fortunately, you’ll travel prepared with my blend of tea tree and peppermint oil. Tea tree will help fight infection and inhibit bacteria while peppermint will help unclog your sinuses and help with and reduce irritation due to cough or sore throat.

If a colds got you down, you can try the blend above or you can go for a different concoction of mine. If you love citrus, this is the blend for you. Typically, I can’t use citrus oils topically because of my citric acid allergy but I don’t have adverse reactions when used in a diffuser. This blend consists of lemon or orange, tea tree and lavender oils. Citrus oils have antibacterial properties to help fight bacteria, while tea tree and lavender will help fight infection with a soothing effect.


If you have any ailment and wish to try a natural solution please let me know and I can arrange that. The beauty of life is how different everyone is. We all have different skin complexions, allergies, and body types. The miracle of these plant blends are there simplicity. God gave us these plants as nourishment and medicine. These tinctures may not work as quickly as some chemical packed pill but they are more in balance with how your body works. Enjoy and thank you for reading!

Namaste, Kay.

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