Everyone LISTEN. This is WHY I do what I DO.

Happy #MondayMotivation OMies Today I want to shake things up a bit and tell you about my WHY and MOTIVATION behind what I do. 🌐

Everyone meet Mera Pranada, my baby cousin, sister and best friend that I met for the first time when I visited the Philippines. I fell in love with her during my travels and I would give my heart and soul so that she can live her BEST LIFE. 💜


I stayed with her for a month while she was in the midst of finishing high school. She spent countless hours working on homework, projects and assignments all while helping her family take care of their farm, volunteering and spending time with family. She reminded me of someone very familiar- ME.

 When I was 16 years old, my mother told me she couldn’t help me pay for college- I was devastated but determined to graduate from college. I worked two jobs, took all IB and AP classes, was active in volunteering and sports and spent many nights with little sleep to study or finish assignments- I worked too damn hard to not take my education to the next level. With the help of a mentor and numerous scholarship foundations I successfully graduated from college with honors and not a single dollar in student loan debt.

knew in my heart that one day I wanted to help deserving students like myself have a bright and successful future.

Mera is my WHY.

Last week, she graduated from high school with honors. Shreceiveded a scholarship to go to a hotel school but I simply couldn’t fathom the idea of a brilliant mind wasted folding sheets for a living.


You see in the third world, if your parents don’t have the money to send you to university, you don’t have many options. After a heart to heart with my grandmother, we decided we would sponsor Mera’s education and give her a shot at getting ahead in life, an opportunity to get out of the cycle of poverty and a chance to move to the US for a better life.

From this point forward, 10% of all proceeds from Namaste Kay LLC (coaching, yoga ,workshops, essential oil tinctures, essential oil candles) will go directly to Mera’s college tuition and fees and in the future to help fund other children’s education in the Philippines.


This is my WHY, my MOTIVATION & my way to give back to the world in the same way that the world helped me. Karma is a beautiful cycle. No, I can’t save the world but that’s a sad excuse not to do my part.


Know that everytime you invest in yourself and work alongside me, that you are helping beautiful minds like Mera’s have a brighter future. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude.


Namaste, Kay.

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