The Abundance Mindset

You’ve probably heard the phrase “abundance mindset” thrown around this community like crazy. But what exactly is it and what is the KEY to mastering this mindset?
The Abundance Mindset in my own words is the idea that there are more than enough resources, people, places or ideas in this world for everyone to THRIVE.  After all, “the key to having it all, is believing that you already do.” 

When your actions start coming from a place of abundance, concepts such as jealousy, hatred, and competition simply have no place. If there’s enough abundance out there in the universe then everyone can have their piece of the pie, you just have to believe it. To often we get caught up in a mindset of lack where we believe we aren’t good enough, we don’t have enough etc. which leads to feelings of anger, anxiety and jealousy.

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So here are 3 KEY elements to adopting the abundance mindset…
I cannot stress this one enough. Everytime you catch yourself saying I want to do this but I cant because of X, Y & Z. Stop the thought in its tracks and replace it with a BIG DREAM. Start shooting for that retreat to Costa Rica you’ve been dreaming of šŸ˜‰ or that dream job at the top of that industry. No more thinking small and limiting ourselves, it’s time to step into who we truly are.

2.  Be receptive to change.
Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.  I get it, it’s warm, cozy and inviting but there is no room to grow where you are comfortable. Be open to change vs fearing what may happen because of it. Changes can be scary and unpredictable but they often invite us into our next chapter, a place where we can grow and thrive. If you accept change, then you invite abundance and opportunity into your life.

3. Get rid of your “victim mentality.”
This is one of the biggest things I stress to my coaching clients. You cannot possibly be in a place of abundance if you constantly feel sorry for yourself, this stifles your personal growth. If you believe the world is “out to get you” or here to “inhibit you.” then that is exactly what your reality becomes. Instead, adopt an abundance mindset and notice how the world works FOR YOU. Notice the infinite opportunitiesĀ availableĀ to you in this universe and that will become your reality.

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Let me know what you think!
Namaste, Kay. 

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