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3 Easy Ways to fit self-care into your schedule!


Three years ago, I made a promise that I would prioritize self-care in my own life. This was one of my so-called, “non-negotiables,” in life. I declared I would put myself first and take care of my needs so that when I give back to others I am whole and authentic.

Self-care is the act of taking care of your mind, body and spirit. The idea is to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so you have the energy, confidence and belief to live true to your highest self.

My motto is to LIVE what I TEACH. As a busy high-vibing women surrounded by other busy high-vibing women, this blog is for YOU. Here are my tips for fitting self-care into your schedule.

1) Consistency

Not to be cliche, but consistency is the key to incorporating self-care into your life. As a busy women, I have found that scheduling my self-care at the same time each week makes it a priority.

Personally, I set aside a few hours each Sunday to focus on myself. This isn’t just bubble baths and manicures, it’s goal setting, journaling, nature walks and meditation.

If you have an ever changing schedule, try to set aside a few hours each week on your day off. You are WORTH taking this time for yourself, so DO IT.

2) Alignment

When you are aligned with your self-care regimen, you’re more likely to do it. Read that sentence over and over again until it sinks in! What you do for self-care does not have to fit into the box of beautifying yourself or drinking green smoothies.

My self-care regimen changes on a week to week basis.

Some weeks I need to realign my mental health, other times I need to focus on my physical health, so on and so forth. For example, last week I focused on mental health and took a nature walk, spent time with my husband and meditated.

Your self-care should be something you enjoy and aligns with your needs. Figure out what lights up your soul and DO IT.

3) Be intentional with your time

If you’re like anyone who owns a cell phone or television you’re probably spending more time than you should on these devices.

More than anything I hear that people “don’t have time” for self-care. Put it this way, if you have 20 minutes to scroll on Facebook every morning, than you have 20 minutes for self-care.

There are 1440 minutes in a day and how you spend your time is your CHOICE. Sure we have our obligations- work, school, (fur) children, etc. but your down time, no matter how small is YOURS.

My advice? Plan your time for self-care, ditch your digital devices and be full engulfed in what you’re doing. Your TIME, your RULES, DO IT.


Even a badass women with a full schedule can make time for herself. Take the time to schedule your self-care, do what you love and be intentional when you do!

Remember, you are your first and most important priority and you DESERVE IT.

Ready to up level your life for good? Join me for my upcoming challenge (link) on March 29th or work with me one on one and I’ll show you the ropes on self-care and how to live your best life- MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.

Namaste, Kay.

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