Thank you, NEXT: Quitting my yoga job & leaving South Florida

Ask anyone. When the fiance and I decided to move to South Florida, I was as excited as a child on Christmas and couldn't wait to spread my butterfly wings and soar. Fresh out of college and ready for the next stage of the journey, I packed my bags with no plan and no job … Continue reading Thank you, NEXT: Quitting my yoga job & leaving South Florida


Build Boundaries, Not walls

A letter to the president of the United States on what how my yoga practice led me to discover why walls don't work and boundaries do.

Yoga for EveryBODY

Lately something very disturbing has been brought to my attention. I can sit around a preach that yoga is for everyone and as long as you can breathe, you can do yoga but that couldn't be further from the truth. Confused? Let me explain. One week ago today, I was teaching a yoga class and … Continue reading Yoga for EveryBODY

3 Biggest Life Lessons

I’m young, inexperienced and naïve. At 23, I’ve been through heartache, loss, love, lust and I’ve learned to adapt to the wild ride that is life. And although I’ve only made 23 revolutions around the sun, I continue to grow and learn every moment I’m alive. Today I present to you the 3 biggest life … Continue reading 3 Biggest Life Lessons

Me Too.

sex·u·al ha·rass·ment noun noun: sexual harassment 1.    harassment (typically of a woman) in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks Millions of women throughout the world had their voices heard following the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The so-called, “Me Too” movement erupted across the internet … Continue reading Me Too.

Recipes To Heal The Chakras

Energy exists inside us and surrounds us. Energy from the food we eat nourishes our body and keeps us going each day. Our chakras are the energy systems within us that start from the base of the spine or root all the way up to the crown of our head. When in balance, the chakras … Continue reading Recipes To Heal The Chakras

Travel Tinctures for Yogi Travels

I'll just flat out say that I'm a sensitive person. I'm allergic to citric acid,  I don't tolerate yeast or sugar well, I break out into a sun rash if its too hot and eczema if its too cold, synthetic fragrances in beauty or cleaning products make me ill and when my pet allergies are … Continue reading Travel Tinctures for Yogi Travels

The (un) vegan yogi

I’m not a vegan. I do yoga. Contrary to popular belief, these two things don’t always go hand in hand. I’ve been criticized for this “hypocrisy” but most of those criticizers don't even give me the time of day to explain myself. So, this blog is for you (vegan) haters.  In the Yoga world, there … Continue reading The (un) vegan yogi

Skinny mini: A yoga girls journey of disordered eating

"You have thick thighs, Kaila." My gymnastics coach must have seen my face because she took those words back as soon as she'd said them. "No. Thick thighs are a good thing for power as a gymnast. Look at Coach Melissa's thighs, they're nice and thick like yours!" I was 13 years old when my … Continue reading Skinny mini: A yoga girls journey of disordered eating