Thank you for visiting my shop. All essential oil blends are hand-made with intention and love. As a traveling yoga instructor, I’ve learned what blends are good to have on hand for a natural beauty pick me up when traveling. Look around and let me know if there’s a blend you would like to see or an individual oil you would like to purchase.

Namaste, Kay.

Face Tea

Enjoy a refreshing face spray for everyday use. Infused with rose petals, this spray will help clear up blemishes, red spots, rosacea, acne and dry skin conditions such as eczema. Your skin will feel light, soft and refreshed after you apply. Great for sunburned skin or when you need to cool down.


Essential Oil Candle

Essential Oil Candles  Handmade with love using only organic essential oils, flowers and gel wax. 🌺 Fill your home with the essence of natural botanicals without inhaling toxins or heavy perfumes found in other candles.  Each candle is unique and essential oil blend or flower choice can be customized. Candles are VEGAN and are NEVER tested on animals. Email me for custom orders, bulk orders etc at Namastekayyoga@gmail.com


Kay’s Mat Spray

Introducing Kay's mat spray, an organic essential oil blend used to clean everything from your yoga mat to your counter tops! This 8oz mat spray includes a handmade bag for easy storage and all of your yoga travel needs.


Nausea Be Gone Travel Tincture

A scrumptious blend of soothing lavender, invigorating ginger for nausea and as a bonus stomach aches and a pinch of peppermint for when you’re feeling seasick or queasy. This blend is a must have for travel whether it be by airplane, train or boat- you don’t want to be caught with an upset stomach or nausea without All blends are made with Young Living Essential Oils. Price is for an 8ml bottle.


Dry Skin Isn’t In Travel Tincture

A unique blend of anti-inflammatory and moisturizing frankincense, cleansing (antiseptic) tea tree, and lavender this blend will help anyone with troubled skin caused by travel or everyday life. This trio will help with psoriasis, eczema, rejuvenation of skin cells and acne-prone skin. Whether you have an outbreak of dry skin from cold weather travels or dry skin from sunburn this tincture will be your life saver. All blends are made with Young Living Essential Oils. Price is for an 8ml bottle.


Fever and Cold Travel Tincture

Cold or fever got you down while traveling? Fear no more with this Travel Tincture! Powered with anti-septic frankincense, anti-bacterial and anti-viral lemon or orange oil (depending on your preference), fever reducing peppermint and a touch of Young Livings’ Thieves blend. Thieves is a blend of clove, cinnamon bark, lemon, and eucalyptus used to boost the immune system, a cough suppressant, fever reducing and is a decongestant all in one! No one likes to be sick on vacation so why not keep this tincture in your suitcase just in case? All blends are made with Young Living Essential Oils. Price is for an 8ml bottle.


Pain, Pain, Go Away! Travel Tincture

A soothing blend of calming lavender, soothing peppermint and pain relieving rosemary is a must have for extended travels. Muscular aches and pains are common after long plane rides and what better to have on hand then an all-natural pain relieving tincture that fits in your back pocket! Rosemary is known to help with migraines, arthritis and as added bonus- hair care. Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties while the cooling effect of peppermint soothes pain as it relaxes muscles. On your next trip half way across the globe, make sure to stock up on this travel tincture. All blends are made with Young Living Essential Oils. Price is for an 8 ml bottle.