I AM good enough.


Who are you?

This is the question that keeps my head spinning from time to time. I am easily bored and therefore always trying new things. When I pursue something I never even dreamed of, I find myself resorting back to this question. Am I who I say I am? Or am I an ever-changing piece of art whose forever a work in progress? Maybe I’ll change so much in life that I’ll my  resort back to this question with every new year .

Which leads to the real hunk of meat in the story…positive affirmations. Find it in yourself to only speak kind words about not only yourself, but about others and the entire world around you. Answer this who am I question in a positive manner. I have come such a long way the past few years. There seems to always be that little voice in my head that says, “you’re not ______ enough”. So I understand that this is much easier said than done, but still possible. 🙂

Through my yoga practice I have FINALLY come to peace with myself. I am no able to replace that above statement with, “I AM good enough, I AM strong enough, I AM beautiful enough, I AM creative enough, I AM daring enough, I AM crazy enough etc.”

That voice within you has the power to pick you up or drag you down in the dumps. This is your life and you have the choice to make this voice one of love or one of negativity. Learning to love yourself for who and what you are is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But for the first time in my life I am READY and I do love myself. I want to climb mountains to reach the sea, I want to fly higher, set the bar to greater heights, reach for the stars and swim in the milky way galaxy because I AM capable.

This is YOUR journey, so take life by the horns, love yourself and steer in the direction you’ve always dreamed of because life is too short to spend your time doing anything else. 

Here’s a couple ways to start your journey to self-love…

Whether you practice yoga or not, take three minutes a day to sit in stillness and ask yourself what you want to bring into your life. Repeat the statement out loud or in your mind , I am______. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I’ve asked for abundance, love, acceptance, peace and courage. If that’s not your deal, instead write down your positive affirmation(s) and place them in an area where you will see them everyday.

Everything that you’ve ever wanted to be is already within you, all you must do is realize this and access it from ­­within.

Namaste, Kay ❤

3 thoughts on “I AM good enough.”

  1. the path to success was full of changes but you preserved and made it! Enjoy your wonderful achievements and explorations more to come !!! Namaste..


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